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Published on Wednesday 19 January 2022

Sunday Telegraph review 20/12/2021
Thady’s Game 
  • 2 or more players; any age. £9.95
  • Instructions: child’s play
Developed independently by a family with a love of games, this ridiculous little card game is a brilliant way to bring multiple generations together. 
The rules are simple: players take three cards, then pick challenges at random from their neighbour, without knowing what it might be, to win points. Challenges range from the slightly ridiculous (pull your face into a gurn; perform a freestyle rap for 20 seconds) to the thought provoking (name eight famous things in Scotland; count to 15 in French) and the faintly revolting (drink some ketchup). 
The player with the most points wins, but the fact that the person who gets to go first is the one with the best hairstyle gives you an idea that nothing in this game is serious and everything is open to debate. 

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